My fees are either billed hourly as indicated below or on a negotiated contractual basis based on time increments or job increments. For a custom quote, please email or phone anytime.

Business owners and managers should be cautious when choosing computer support services. It is important to hire carefully. Resist the temptation of jumping for the cheapest price since your entire company could be put at risk.


Remote Tech Support: $100 per hour (1/2 hour minimum of Remote Support, and 15-minute billing increments thereafter)
Phone Support: $100 per hour (1/4 hour minimum, but calls for clients that have had any work performed within the last month, 15 free minutes of support)
On-Site Service: $115 per hour (1 hour minimum – no additional ‘trip-charges’ etc. for clients within 15-mile radius of Computer Works)
Shop Service ‘Carry-in and Pickup’: $100 per hour ($100 minimum, and 15-minute billing increments thereafter)
Email Support: Generally free if already a previous paying customer or unless a service-call or consultation is required. (free for small questions related to software problems, email questions, etc.)
* All rates are billed in 15-minute increments unless otherwise noted.
** All rates will have applicable sales tax added unless client provides a tax-exempt certificate for their business.
*** Discount for clients with 10 or more hours of On-site Service per month.

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