Following are many of the different services that I provide to my clients. As you can see they cover a wide area. I generally warn people to be wary of “do-it-all” computer companies who claim to be experts at everything‚Ķ commercial and residential software applications, networking, web design, security, and on and on. Not all computer specialists can deliver on what they claim. I can and do.

I happen to enjoy a broad background of computer knowledge and broad range of very knowledgeable contacts within the computer industry. My main area of expertise is in the area of computer networking and networks. I am not so vain (or stupid) as to think I know absolutely everything. When a particular piece of arcane expertise is called for, I am able to recognize the situation and know who is likely to be the best source of that knowledge. I am not at all above calling in an expert’s expert when it is prudent to do so.

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